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How To Find Your Toilet Flapper 

   There are well over 100 different variations of the toilet flapper. Some of the original toilet flush valves used a plunger, others used a disc, or a flush valve seal, and a very wide range of flapper styles. Finding the right toilet flapper is a real challenge these days do to the overwhelming number of manufacturers, styles, and models of toilets. Some toilet manufacturing facilities even use or used the same flush valve system and flapper in many toilets with different brand names. Since the introduction of the Low Flow and Dual Flush toilets, finding the original parts for new and older toilets is even more of a task. Were are here to help you find the new and old toilet flappers and toilet parts you need to repair your toilet. We will continue to publish more information as time and resources allow.

Find Toilet Flapper

   If you know the manufacturer and model number of your toilet check the list on the left of this page for help locating you toilet flapper. If you need more help you can check with our other suppliers listed on this page for information, shopping, or price comparing.



Toilet Flapper

Fitting a toilet flapper is often trial and error. If you do not know the exact make and model of your toilet, turn the water off, flush the toilet, remove the flapper carefully and take it with you to your hardware store or home center. This is the most convenient and fastest way to match your toilet parts.

   Here is more information that we hope will help. When someone comes to my store to find a toilet flapper or seal, the first question I ask is, Why do you believe you need a new toilet flapper ? The reason I ask is that may toilet issues are fill-valve related as opposed to flush-valve.

  Some common answers are,

My toilet is running and does not shut off.

I hear water running in the bathroom.

My toilet is turning on and off by itself.

I see water moving in the toilet bowel after it shuts off.

My toilet flapper is sticking and will not close.

My toilet flapper is sticking and will not close.

I have to jiggle the handle to make the toilet stop.

My water bill keeps going up.

   The next question I ask is do you have a flapper on a pivot that moves like a hand waving, or is there a tube that moves up and down?

   The third question I ask my customers is, do you know who made your toilet. Here are several ideas to find out ?

   Here are some other common plumbing questions.

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