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How To Keep Your Toilet From Clogging

 The golden rule of plumbing when it comes to your toilet is,

Put nothing in your toilet but toilet paper( not too much) and the natural secretions from your body. Period

1. Never store small objects that can fall into your toilet above the toilet or on the tank lid. We have pulled make-up bottles, lip sticks, nik-naks, perfumes and just about anything you can imagine from inside of toilets. All these products were accidentally of course. But it cost the owners a bundle to remove a trinket from their toilet bowl at ten o'clock at night.

2. Do not flush paper towels downs the toilet. They disintegrate but not very fast. I have a lot of money pulling paper towels out of toilets.

3. Do not flush cotton swabs(Q-tips) down the toilet. They can get stuck and block the natural flow of things.

4. Do not flush pets. Deceased pets deserve a descent funeral out side. Not in your toilet.

5. Do not flush prophylactics, they may not clog the toilet itself but can cause problems further down the line.

6. Do not flush any feminine articles down your toilet. If they do not clog your toilet they can clog your main sewer line.

7. Do not flush diapers, no matter how small or large.

8. Do not flush baby wipes or cleansing pads. They are small but they never really go away.

These are just a few of the items that have kept plumbers in business for years, and probably years to come.


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